Weekly assembly 9 January 2019

Weekly assembly 9 January 2019

Published on Wednesday, 9 January – The weekly assembly was held at
Auditorium Tun Abdul to reminisce about events that happened over the past week and to celebrate a very special teacher who has taught over 30 years at The Malay College Kuala Kangsar

Cikgu Umikalthum binti Nordin, A very experienced teacher having her last working day on college grounds

This’s week weekly assembly is quite special because it is Cikgu Umikalthum’s last assembly on college grounds before she retires.

Aside from the normal speeches, This week’s assembly also received a few “special” speeches meant directly for Cikgu Umikalthum
The final speech of the day

With the principal’s speech being the last, this week’s “special” weekly assembly came to a close