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MCKK Form 5's Mid-year Exam Analysis & Eid Celebration 2019

Syed Muhammad Naquib
4 weeks ago
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MCKK Form 5’s Mid-year Exam Analysis & Eid Celebration 2019

Posted by: Syed Muhammad Naquib
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Saturday, 22 June 2019 – MCKK has organised a meet-up with the Form 5s’ parents in the morning. The objective of this meet-up was to discuss and analyses the latest exam the Form 5s took, which is the Middle-Year Exam. The event received full support from the parents and a lot of parents came to this event.

The event started with a speech from the YDP PIBG, Prof. Jefri Malin, which also a father of one of the Form 5 student. The event started in the Hargreaves Hall. A delightful speech was given by the man himself. It is motivated all of the Form 5s students and hopes they will continue to strive forward towards greater achievement in their life. But the student has to push themselves to the limit. By the saying goes “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. The event continued with the report from the Vice Principal, Tuan Haji Badri.

Furthermore, the report was an overview of the performance of the Form 5s during the Middle-Year Exam. There was a slide for the report to help parents and Form 5s understand more clearly about their performances in a visual presentation. This objective of this report was to raise awareness in the Form 5s students about their performance. The parents also can be alert about their child performance during the exam. This will allow the students to plan their studies. As the saying goes:

“Always put your best foot forward.”

The event continued with 9As Special Award Presentation.

Moreover, 6 six students managed to achieved 9As in the Middle-Year Exam. A certificate was given to all the achievers as an act of appreciation from the school itself. This will also encourage others to pick up the pace and get 9As together in future examinations especially the OG SPM. This will increase the light of hope in the students’, parents’ and teachers’ hearts. This will increase the productivity of all the Form 5s to work together in their academics and they will reap what they sow during the end of the season.

The event continued with face-to-face meet-up the teachers and the parents to discuss their children performance and their behaviour in the class. With this being said, the parents will be aware of their children academics and behaviour.  This will also create awareness in students’ hearts to change to become a better version of themselves. As the saying goes:

To turn over a new leaf.

The event continued with the Eid Celebration Feast.

The celebration was held at the Medan Pelajar. The environment was very delightful and full of enjoyable time to connect human hearts. Parents and their sons can increase their affinity together and grasp the greatness in their life. The free food was munched until the last plate. Well, as the saying goes:

Best thing in life is free.

After the feast ended, all of the students rushed to the Football Field in Big School.

The last activities of this event were the grand photoshoot of the Form 5s. There were a few grandstands in order to accommodate the seat for the Form 5s to seat on the football field. Form 5s wore their Raya Attires during the event because it will be their last Eid Celebration with their member batch in college. Lastly, forever-lasting memories were carved on everybody hand.

Strive Forever
Towards Greater Achievement
On and Onwards
To the Limit and Beyond

Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib

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