We are in the service of providing the best learning technologies to spearhead excellence of the school among the teachers and students.


  • The implementation of the Apple For Education Programme involves students who will be given an Apple iPad Air which will be used during the teaching and learning process.

  • This method of teaching allows learning even without the presence of a teacher. Students will use the iPad during the school hours from 7.30 a.m – 2.30 p.m. Students will be responsible for their respective iPad.

  • Teachers must also put the iPad to optimum use for the programme to run smoothly. This method of teaching allows students to download materials from the iBook and iTunes U applications. This facilitates the learning and teaching process for teachers.

  • There are many applications suitable for all subjects and teachers only have to apply them in the class. This 21st century teaching method requires students to seek information from various sources.

  • Teachers can launch a specific application, website or textbook page by using the iPad and share with the students through Apple TV.

  • The iTunes U application in the iPad allows students to read and download informational material for free. This application is a helpful tool that can assist teachers and students anytime and everywhere. Students can enroll in a course and access all class and study notes by using the iPad and this enables students to access countless learning resources on the world’s largest digital catalog of education content.


  • Success in this programme can be seen through more frequent uses of the iPad in the class. Teachers must show competent skills in the use of application in the iPad. The presence of teachers with competent skill using the iPad will enable students to use the iPad effectively during the learning session in the class. Teachers will create original and engaging books, presentations and other learning materials. Teachers will use the iPad for countless educational purposes and will find both anticipated and surprising benefits.

  • Furthermore, the success of this programme can be measured by the involvement of students in a more global sense. Students can produce content for iBook that can be accessed by other iPad users. The teachers can upload  resources that can be accessed by students in the iTunes U application. With the right kind of teaching, the right kind of application and the selective process of using iPad, all students will be able to achieve more than they did in the past. The effects of the programme can be seen through the hardwork between the teachers and students.

  • This Apple For Education Programme will change the way teachers teach and students learn. Students will improve in academic performance and they will show an increase in their engagement and motivation levels.


  • MCKK has five future classrooms as operational centres for the implementation of Apple For Education programme, and is well equipped with learning tools such as iPad Air and Apple Tv. A scheduled table has been drawn for the Form 1 2016 teachers to comply with the current school system. All teachers and students have been informed of the  rules and regulations on the usage of the rooms and iPads.

  • 119 iPads Air have been acquired through the SGE allocation. The SBP Division  has also recommended the Form 1 students to buy their own iPad if possible.

  • Registration of i TunesU was executed by the ICT Coordinator of the school and this was to ensure a smooth transition of the programme. i Tunes U application is ready to be used by the teachers and students. Installation of some equipment and configuration of Racus System and Fortigate Firewall has been carried out.. Fortigate Firewall is a network management system which controls the internet usage policy and carries out censorship of websites. Students are only allowed to access educational websites which are suitable for classroom learning. Negative application is strictly filtered by Fortigate Firewall

  • Internet network with 50 Mbps speed has already been  installed and is ready to be used during the implementation of the programme. High speed internet is required so that teaching and learning processes become more effective. Overall, MCKK is ready to implement this programme as all needed requirement are met and have been prepared.


  • In  MCKK, all important information for the parents regarding  this programme  will be uploaded. All parents are just one click away to open all those important information through this website. The MCKK website will always be updated of any activities or achievements of this programme.

  • Important information can also be delivered through Frog VLE. In order to get access to the information, parents must activate their 1Bestari Net account. Through this platform, parents can know about their children’s improvement in using iPad during their lesson in the class. Furthermore, all information uploaded can show to the parents the efficiency  and the success of the Apple For Education Programme.


  • The implementation of this technology needs the support of everybody involved. Teachers need to be provided with the skills to use the iPad effectively. Through the Apple For Education programme, 30 teachers teaching Form 1 are exposed to workshops on the use of iPad by a selected instructor. This workshop also introduced various exciting applications that can ease the teaching process in class among the teachers involved. Teachers will be able to integrate the iPad and Apple Tv into their curriculum and lessons.

  • Through professional development, the teachers will share information with other teachers in each of their respective teaching fields. This meeting will be conducted every week during school hours as set by the school. Teachers will share application information with others according to the topics taught in the class at a particular time. 


  • Due to the scale of this programme, a source of funding that can sustain the programme is very much needed so that the programme will run smoothly. The students are also encouraged to privately purchase personal iPad. Parents have been notified through a formal circular. A meeting has also been conducted with the school authorities.

  • It is imperative that financial aid from the Malay College Old Boys Association ( MCOBA ), PIBG and corporate companies are received for the continuation of this programme in the long run. The cooperation of all authorities is needed to sustain this programmeq in the long term. More so when the funding through the SGE initiative will be reduced over time.


Miss Yanti binti Mat Amin